THANKYOUDENTIST Certificate of Excellence

THANKYOUDENTIST  is one of the most useful  patient review sites on the web, largely because so many patients who needs to book an dental appointment use it as a trusted resource. Patients will visit  THANKYOUDENTIST in order to read reviews from actual patients and make decisions for their upcoming dental visit. As such, it’s important to have a positive presence on this website.

THANKYOUDENTIST Certificate of Excellence is one way to enhance your online presence and increase the notoriety of your clinic.

What is the THANKYOUDENTIST Certificate of Excellence?

This is an award that is given out by THANKYOUDENTIST  to dental clinics that consistently receive high review ratings on the website. It was established in 2015, and the award is used as a way to identify the most elite clinics that are featured on the site and patient will trust these clinics the most when making plans for their dental treatment.

Can any dental clinic receive a Certificate of Excellence?

Yes, any dental clinic which fulfills our criteria can receive this coveted award. Single clinic, multiple clinics, corporate chains are included in those who are eligible.

How can a clinic receive THANKYOUDENTIST certificate?

THANKYOUDENTIST  awards this honor to clinics who qualify. An algorithm is used in order to determine which clinics  are valued the most by their patients. Different factors are considered when determining if a clinic deserves the award:

The overall rating of the clinic

* The ratings of the reviews on the thankyoudentist website

The popularity of the listing and the clinic in general

The number of reviews and how recently reviews were posted

* Minimum qualifications for the Certificate of Excellence award include having a four-star rating

* Maintaining a listing on the THANKYOUDENTIST site for at least one year

If you meet all of these qualifications, there is a chance that THANKYOUDENTIST will award you with this elite badge, which will help to improve your reputation among public and throughout your local area.

As THANKYOUDENTIST is the largest review website in particular for dental industry you should make getting reviews on its platform a priority as you create your online marketing strategy.

What all factors reviewed and rated by patients?











Can I pay for a Certificate of Excellence?

For online certificate which you can use in your own website we don’t charge.

But if you need a physical certificate framed all over and shipped directly to your clinic charges apply.

Do commercial relationships with THANKYOUDENTIST influence Certificate of Excellence?

No, Certificate of Excellence recipients are determined by ratings and reviews on THANKYOUDENTIST. A commercial relationship with THANKYOUDENTIST  is not a factor when determining recipients.


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