Whatsapp Marketing is changing
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Whatsapp Marketing for dentist and dental clinics!

When you think of social media, sites like Facebook and Twitter probably come to mind immediately. But messenger apps have actually caught up to social networks in terms of users. And increasingly messenger apps are being used for marketing. The best reason to use WhatsApp for your dental clinic marketing is that many of your patients are probably already using it. More than 50 billion messages are sent through WhatsApp every single day.

Whatsapp Marketing is changing Digital Marketing.

If your patients and prospects are young, they’re more likely to be comfortable using messaging apps for their day-to-day communication.

HD Quality

See the difference in Dentalprimary comprehensive dental videos. 3D models, crafted with care, are brought to life by a skilled team of professionals in stunning high definition.

Directed by

Every video is directed by a practicing dentist. With dental expertise and premium visuals behind every video, you can easily engage and educate your patients with confidence.


Our extensive video collection available in English. Reach your patient base to the fullest with Dentalprimary Media patient education videos.

How we help you do Whatsapp Marketing?

  • We will get your details say your name ,clinic name and mobile number and will do rendering with the dental videos with all the details you provided and whatsapp them to you.
  • There will be 20 highly animated 3D and treatment dental videos each running for about 1 to 2 minutes covering all important topics in dentistry.
  • Once you receive the video you in turn whatapp them to your patients and like a chain reaction it will forwarded in all their groups and since your name and clinic name are in the video it will be a big marketing boost at no added cost.

Are ur teeth strong

Bleeding gums

Brushing technique

Care after extraction

Composite filling

Crown and bridges

Dental bleaching

Dental caries

Dental implants

Diabetes and dentistry

Dental Impaction

Oral hygiene

Orthodontic treatment

Periodontal disease

Preventive dental care

Root canal treatment


Smile makeovers


When to visit a dentist

What all details you need to mail us in making the video?

  • Dentist Name
  • Dentist Degree
  • Qualifications
  • Clinic Name
  • Contact Number
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